Ziff Hudson Goes 4.05 at No Mercy 7


Ziff Hudson is no stranger to breaking records, but this one is going to be hard to beat. Hudson goes a 4.05 e.t @ 186 mph on 275’s with a conventional style big-block Chevrolet 500 cubic in. The motor was freshened up by “THE” Kevin Mullins (TKM) recently and also helped transplant the motor from the Zephyr. Hudson says the Thomsen Motorsport billet intake sit on top of the Chevy power plant with the help of Precision 118 mm single turbocharger. The fuel is delivered by Fuel Tech FT500 stand alone EFI system in which controls the Billet Atomizer 700 Fuel injectors. The boost is controlled by a AMS 2000 Boost Controller that keeps the 118mm turbo in check.osc_2122-2Ziff says none of this could be possible without the help of so many great people and company’s like Custom’s by Bigun who performed the turbo portions of the transplant into the 1990 Mustang LX Coupe. The car was built by Robbie Keziah during the off season between 2015 and 2016 racing season. 3The trick suspension was setup by non other than Racecraft Suspension components along with shocks by Menscer Motorsports. Mickey Thompson helps out with the 275/60-15 radials that put all this massive horsepower to the ground. Cameron Convertors also play huge part with their two-speed automatic transmission and a turbo spec convertor on this bad ass hot rod. Hudson said none of the record setting performances wouldn’t have been possible without the help of several people including Barry Mitchell, Robby Keziah, Jeff Dills, Nick Reynolds, David Peters, Rose Wyles, and Heather Mitchell.

So keep an eye Ziff Hudson and his team at No Mercy 7 to see what else he has in store for the Pro Drag Radial world.123


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