Kallee Mills to Debut Her New X275 entry at The Radial Revenge

2014radiallogoThis weekend at Tulsa Raceway Park is set to be on kill with not only a killer facility but also with the debut of several new cars on the property. One of those cars is non other than Kallee Mills and her new  X 275 Turbo Chevy Camaro. For those of you that do not know Kallee she is the daughter of Dewayne “The Golden Gorilla” and Tara Mills who is well known in the Radial vs. The World class of drag radial racing. IMG_2583-2Kallee is no stranger the drag racing world because she has literally been around it her entire life.  Following in her father’s footsteps starting off in the Jr Dragster program now she is stepping it up entering into one of the most competitive classes in drag radial, X275. Most of you might be confused seeing her car and mistaking it for Dewayne’s Car because they are painted identically the same. IMG_2589-2So stayed tuned this weekend and keep an eye on Kalllee and what some have already dubbed the Golden Panda by her Crew Chief Tim Davis. Plus stay tuned for more updates from Tulsa Raceway Park and The Radial Revenge Tour 2016. 5V1A2848-25V1A2846-25V1A2842-2

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