Outlaw Street Car Reunion 3 testing photo gallery

OSCR 3 LogoThursday was a fun filled day of testing at Memphis International Raceway. Here are some photos from those test passes. Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the weekend. All these great shot are captured by Timothy Gourley one our great contributing photographers for Drag Radial Media.

Shay Loveday with a nitrous explosion about 40 feet from the hit.

SELB2649Murder NovaSELB2162

Craig “El Conquistador” Ondrick in his 68 Pontiac FireBird

SELB1237-2Justin Martin’s new look to his panty dropping Nova. SELB1438-2 Justin Shearer in the CrowModSELB2517Don Gingrich  SELB1125-2 Ryan Martin and his Chevy CamaroSELB2640Barry Mitchell with his new to him Camaro, in which he has already proved his point at Lights Out a few weeks back by winning both classes he entered.  SELB1674Mark “Woody” Woodruff finally popping his cherry into the 3’s!!SELB1502-2“The” Kevin Mullins in Pre Stage Mode SELB2589Keith “Woooooo” Berry with his beast of a Vette. SELB2467 Chris Murdock and SnoopySELB2347Marty Stinnett in his New LDR entry.SELB2642Michael Roemer with the Flying Pickle S10 and its freshened up look. SELB2447 Odie Sturgeon in his “Red Rocket”  SELB1747 Shane Stack hanging the wheels up at about mid track.SELB1663Rob “Gansta” Valden in Alepa Racing’s Twin Turbo2015 Vette on it’s 2nd race of the season.  SELB1578-2Mark “The Midnight Marauder” Micke in the “Giggie Bu”.  SELB1483-2

Photo Credits: Timothy Gourley

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