An Inside Look of Mickey’s Chassis Works: Part Two

IMG_1946So its been a while since we last reported on Mickey Tessneer and Mickey’s Chassis Works, with everything else that has been going on in the Radial World. Let’s get back to where we were left off about Mickey and his dream of becoming a race car chassis builder. With that being said, Mickey had switched gears of starting his own business as a chassis builder and decided to sign up with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. During the intense written and physical exams it takes to become a Oklahoma City Firefighter a friend had offered him the opportunity to lease out half of his shop. Mickey says this would be perfect for him so he could store his tools, equipment and still give him ample opportunity to work on his own stuff. Now Mickey well was on his way of becoming a Oklahoma City Firefighter, but he still could not get the dream of building race cars out of his system. Local racers, friends and family were still encouraging him to still hold on to the dream of opening his own fabrication shop. IMG_1882Now at this point of Mickey Tessneer’s young life he did not have much in the means of financial debt or the responsibility of raising his own family, so he was able to take over the rent of his buddy’s shop, quit his full-time gig and start what is now known as Mickey’s Chassis Works. The long days and nights were just the beginning and was not what Mickey had planned on, oh he knew that it would be tough just getting started, but he did not know 16-18 hour 7 day weeks were going to be the norm. What he knew about metal fabrication was trumped by business management making him work twice as hard and fall further behind. Mickey says “It seemed the harder I worked, the further behind I got”. This was definitely not in the scope of being a business owner.

Mickey says something did come out of working all those long nights though and was very unexpected. He says what came next for his business was not planned at all but it definitely put a new outlook on things. Working during the night brought on a new type and different type of clientele. This new clientele might have came as a surprise but also landed Mickey right square in the middle of a group of guys most might know as the “Street Outlaws”.5V1A9019-2 Yes that is right, Mickey’s Chassis Works was working, repairing, and building the cars for these hard-core street racers that found their way to his shop. The first one that made it to his shop was Derek Travis with the 3rd gen known as ” The Silver Unit”. Not only did Mickey work on Derek’s car he also became his brother-in-law.

The first full build that was completed at Mickey’s Chassis Works was for non other than James “Doc” Love and what is now known as the “Street Beast”. Mickey says Doc had been taking a beating on the streets of Mexico and was starving with someone with the expertise that Mickey had in the world of street racing. So, Mickey spent a few months in hiding while the he took on his first full build.The “Street Beast” was unveiled at a huge street racing event called “Cash Days”. Doc and his brand new “Street Beast” stood the street racing world on end that night sweeping the event and bringing more customers knocking on the door of Mickey’s Chassis Works. 5V1A4884-2

Now Mickey’s Chassis Works has also had their hands on other well-known 405 street racers such as Farm Truck, Daddy Dave Comstock along with Jerry “Monza” Johnson. Mickey says the few weeks following “Cash Days” the flood gates opened and they were quickly recognized as the premier go to shop for the street racers in the Oklahoma and surrounding areas.IMG_0815-2Even though the work flow was coming through the door for Mickey and Mickey’s Chassis Works, he still had the itch and that itch was for his huge crush on the small tire drag racing events that was taking over the drag racing scene. This led to taking over the driving responsibilities for Odie Sturgeon’s true 10.5 Malibu and quickly heard his calling and it was loud and clear it was for the Drag Radial Racing phenomenon. We will leave off here and will pick up with what came next for Mickey Tessneer. So stay tuned in the coming weeks to see what lies ahead.





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