MX 235 announces 2016 Points Schedule

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The nation’s premier 8.5/235 class in the country just got better. The MX235 has teamed up with NMCA to introduce the 2016 MX235 Series presented by Redline Motorsports in Bloomington, IL. With over 50 racers across the country, the MX235 Series is sure to attract cars and a crowd to see the little tire big show. With speeds of over 140 mph and ET’s in the 4 second zone in the 1/8 mile, this heads up class will be a class to watch. Be sure to check out or on facebook at MX235 for more race information.

2016 MX235 Points Series Schedule:

March 17-20 at Memphis International Raceway-Memphis, TN (Outlaw Street Car Reunion III)

April 15-17 Holly Springs Motorsports-Holly Springs, MS (Spring Shootout)

May 12-15 Beech Bend Raceway-Bowling Green, KY (NMCA Bluegrass Nationals)

June 23-26 Lucas Oil Raceway-Indianapolis, IN (NMCA All-American Nationals)

July 28-31 Route 66 Raceway-Joliet, IL (NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl of Street-Legal Drag Racing)

October 14-16 Holly Springs Motorsports-Holly Springs,MS (Fall Brawl)

Points Information:

*Racers will take their best five races for points (allowing a one race drop).

*Racers are automatically in the points series for the season.

*Points will be awarded to the racer, not car number.

*Racer must compete in the car they qualify with.

*Records may only be set once per event.

Entering the Event-5 Points
Qualifying for the event-5 Points
Each Round Win-5 Points
#1 Qualifier-5 Points
#2 Qualifier-4 Points
#3 Qualifier-3 Points
#4 Qualifier-2 Points
#5 Qualifier-1 Point
E.T Record-2 Points
M.P.H. Record-2 Points
Competed in Five Events-5 Points
Competed in All Six Events-5 Additional Points

Records and Protest Guidelines based on NMCA.

2016 MX235 Non-Points Schedule:

April 1-2 Tulsa Racway Park-Tulsa, OK (Radial Revenge Tour)

May 6-7 Knoxville Dragway-Maynardville, TN (Showdown in K-Town 3)

May 13-14 Tulsa Raceway Park-Tulsa, OK (Throwdown in T-Town)

June 4 Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Dragway-Sikeston, MO (Southern Thunder)

October 14-15 Tulsa Raceway Park-Tulsa, OK (Throwdown in T-Town)

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the MX235 this 2016 Season. Feel free to call or text Jordan at (870) 688-6686,, or P.M. if interested for more information.

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