Dustin Mewbourn: Racing for a Cure

DRM 2Some of you may or may not have seen the logo on the front of Dustin Mewbourn Mustang that says “Racing For A Cure”. Well there is a little story behind it along with some good people to boot.

Recently I had a chance to talk to Dustin about the logo along with the shirts that he has been selling at all the events he has been racing at with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Hospital.

He tells DRM last October for his girlfriend Jennifer’s birthday in which her request was to go St. Jude’s Hospital located in Memphis, Tn. to see how things have changed since her nephew was there several years ago.  Dustin says he knew he needed to be strong for her because he knows how tough it was on going to be on her with her nephew being treated at this very hospital, well that part did not goes as planned. He says he literally was a crying mess for over three hours after the visit and after seeing all the children in the care of the hospital. This was Dustin’s first trip to visit a hospital of this caliber and was amazed how nice of facility it really was. He says every child they saw seemed to be happy for what they were going through.DRM 5Dustin says after they left the hospital he told Jennifer he really wanted to contribute something to the hospital. Now with this being said money had already been deposited on t-shirts for the 2015 racing season to Salvato Designs, so it was really a no brainer to have some things added to the design work. They decided to go with the car in front of St. Jude’s Hospital as the theme along with some great companies that help with the sponsorship of the car.11006461_938718289494661_6343251819763234912_nNow many of you may not know this but Dustin also fought the cancer last year and won. He says he has always wanted to race like there is no tomorrow, well folks he is doing exactly that this year. He has putting everything he has into this years racing program and let me tell you it shows, with several runner ups for this year so far. Dustin says several companies have stepped up and donated to the “Racing For A Cure” fund such as McCarthy Performance, Unique LLC, Menscer Motorsports, and Josh Lindsey.  Dustin says they have a goal of $20,000.00 to donate to St. Jude’s after the 2015 racing season is over. They also have in the works to paint the car matte black and take it to St. Jude’s and allow the kids to paint the car with their hand prints for the fall swing of the 2015 Racing Season. DRM #1So if you would like to help Dustin and his “Race For A Cure”, you can contact him on Facebook or through his Mewbourn Racing page https://www.facebook.com/Mewbournracing. Or you can look for Dustin at these upcoming racing events.

SEPT 4-6 Yellowbullet National
SEPT 24-27-No Mercy SGMP
OCT 9-10 Tulsa
OCT 16-18-Holly Spring Fall Brawl
OCT 22-24 North Star Dragway
OCT 30-31 Radial FestDRM 3

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