August Entry #2 for Rear End of the Month: Katrina Dixon

131Here is a look at August’s entry #2 for Rear End of the Month: Ms. Katrina Dixon.

Favorite type of drag radial class, driver, car, and team.

I will have to give this some thought; I am new to drag racing and mainly watch Indy Cars.

If you could win a date with any famous driver, who would it be and why?

Elio Catrenoves, He is gorgeous!

What would a former-boyfriend say is your best feature?

I have two they would say, My butt and My Smile. 253Tell us something about yourself that no one knows…

I have always wanted to go to Manchester, England in hopes of meeting Ed Sheeran.

Why do you think you should be a Drag Radial Media’s Rear End of the Month/Year?

Because I have a nice body, and butt, it’s really a  no brainer.  🙂 843 819





  1. I would really love the votes, have a runway show in STL August 16th come out to the Hilton and support me, I really want to win August ‘RearEnd’ of the month. My pics speak for themselves and anyone that knows me, knows I have a huge heart and would give the shirt off my back to help anyone, even a stranger out. Please support me and vote starting Friday till the end of August you can vote 2 times a day. So tale those 2 votes and vote for me each day, I won’t let y’all down …Kisses


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