Drag Radial Media welcomes Nitrous Express


Drag Radial Media welcomes Nitrous Express on board as another great company for the 2015 year. Nitrous Express is a leader in nitrous systems applications and is making a huge comeback in the drag radial world of racing.IMG_0020Let’s take a little look at Nitrous Express as a company and how they evolved into the world of motor sports. Mike Wood own’s 100% of Nitrous Express and have been involved with the nitrous phenomenon since 1978. He started with a small NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) nitrous kit on his TransAm. Soon thereafter he installed a NOS direct port kit, or fogger as NOS called it, on my racecar. Mike experienced multiple problems with this setup and decided to take a further look to see where improvements could be made. He not only soon discovered a need but there were numerous opportunities out there.

Mike earned a reputation quickly as a “Go To Guy” with problems that would frequently come about with nitrous systems. Now let’s not forget Mike was experimenting with nitrous in the late 70’s long before most racers even knew the advantages of using these types of systems.IMG_0111Through the 1980’s and early 90’s nitrous jetting patterns and tune-up information were hit and miss at best. Out of necessity, He set up a flow bench to precisely measure the amounts of nitrous and fuel used by each nitrous kit.  The information learned during the flow testing was invaluable. Before he knew it, he was modifying and hot rodding almost every part of every nitrous system he used and/or sold to fellow racers.

Nitrous Express was started in 1996 because they knew they could offer nitrous systems that out performed anything on the market right out of the box. Nitrous Express had an advantage; we got to start with a blank sheet of paper.  We were able to manufacture our components with all the hot rod modifications built-in. This allowed our customers to achieve better results right out of the box than other racers who were paying big money to modify our competitors’ parts.744-90000-12

All components must be of the highest quality, no off shore junk!

99% of NX products are produced and assembled in the USA!

All NX components and systems must be tested and proven before they are shipped to any customers!

All horsepower claims must be accurate and dyno proven at the wheel!

NX copies no one; we lead the industry in technology and innovation!

Never be satisfied with the status quo!

Always give the customer more than he expects!nx2-300x236


If you ever need advice, technical help or need to know where to get nitrous oxide, just give Nitrous Express a call at 940-767-7694 or look them up on the Ol Interweb at http://www.nitrousexpress.com/. Mike Promises a real, live human will answer the phone and provide you with accurate information based on years of experience. It is their commitment and our mission to provide the best service, performance, quality and value.


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