May Entry for the Rear End of the Month #3: Jessica Hamilton

11251606_10206554873208178_1748451672_nHere is entry #3 for the May’s edition of Rear End of the Month, Jessica Hamilton.

Hometown: Beenleigh Queensland, Australia

Favorite Drag Radial Class: X275

Favorite Driver: Tony Schumacher

Favorite Car: Mustang

Favorite Racing Team: I’m still learning about all the Drag Radial Classes. 11210376_10206554873168177_1144101485_n

If you could win a date with any driver who would it be and why?

Tony Schumacher because I live the fact that he understands the tactics to driving,win or lose he will walk away with a smile on his face. I love that.

What would a former boyfriend say is your best feature?

My legs apparently.

Why do you think you should be the Drag Radial Media’s Rear End of the Month/Year?

I believe i should be the read end of the month because I think that this is a great opportunity to sharpen my modelling career and to be immortalized in your publication would be a personal achievement as I am still new to the industry.11186392_10206554873288180_1467133505_n 11225942_10206554873248179_1565193200_n



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