New Partnership: ProTrac Traction Service


I would like to welcome on board ProTrac Traction Services as another great partner for the 2015 season. David Cook aka “Cookie” is the owner of ProTrac and has the track prep knowledge whether it be for the big boys of the NHRA or any Outlaw Drag Radial class out there. I have personally seen Cookie in action over the past several years and talk about a guy that takes pride in his work. It takes some know how to set a track up to run Pro Mods (Fat Tires) and Drag Radial (Small Tires) cars all in the same day, but I have witnessed it and he has it down to a science. Just like in St.Louis in 2014 for the Street Car Super Nationals were the Fastest Side by Side Pro Mod race in History took place with Frankie “The Mad Man” Taylor and the Q80 car driven by Turkey Al-. The track was non other prepped by Pro Trac Traction Services. The weekend was a fun filled event that also featured drag radial cars racing on the same surface.IMG_0971

ProTrac Traction Services is a Track Prep and Drag Strip maintenance company based in the central United States. They offer track prep, track maintenance and consultation services to some of the largest Drag Strips in the nation. ProTrac has also recently been across the pond to Qatar in which they spent several months over prepping during our winter months. ProTrac also holds private test sessions for NHRA,PDRA and several other racing classes along with Drag Radial cars at tracks all over the US.

So if your track is need of some love and attention get in touch with David “Cookie” Cook with ProTrac Traction Services at 918-813-7338 or check out their Facebook page at

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