May Entry for Rear End of the Month: Cassie Huffman

ATT_1429065953706_54e57e72c1a58Here is entry #1 for the May edition of Rear of the Month, Cassie Huffman

Hometown: Anza, Ca. but currently living in Duncan, Ok.

Favorite Drag Radial Class: I could not choose a favorite drag radial class as it all excites me just the same.

Favorite Team:I have not been to many legal drag races so at the moment it would be hard to say a favorite driver/team.

Favorite Car: Gt500 or Enzo, but I love all cars to be honest.


If you could win a date with any driver who would it be and why?

Keiichi Tsuchiya would be my Driving Date! It would be an honor to spend time with him.

What would a former boyfriend say is your best feature?

All former boyfriends would say my butt is my best feature!

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows…

That’s a tough one because I’m pretty much an open book. I guess I would have to say I’m almost convinced I was born in the wrong gender/body as my addiction to cars is too much for a girl, I love video games and sports!

Why do you think you should be the Drag Radial Media’s Rear End of the Month/Year?

I think I should be Drag Radial Media’s Rear End of the Month/Year because I am a tomboy with an addicting personality, and an amazing candidate. 😉ATT_1429065898418_cassiejordansmall 54e57d98c4db3





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