Outlaw Street Car Reunion II (The Next SnowBird Nationals?) Recap

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This had to be the most interesting race I have ever attended, seriously mother nature would not stop dishing it out everything from rain all the way up to snow along with mine shaft temperatures but Tyler Crossnoe never gave up either.IMG_1259-2 What an outstanding job this young promoter did, he was able to get the majority of the race in but unfortunately mother struck again for the final round. With all that said records were broken along with the fans sticking out all weekend long. IMG_1384-2 - Copy

Jason Michalak breaking into the 3’s with his tire blistering 3.97 e.t. at 194.38 mph in Pro Drag Radial was earth shattering to say the least. The crowd came to their feet when those numbers popped up on the scoreboard.IMG_1388-1 - Copy Now the naysayers have already started the pot stirring but the run was legit whether it was backed up or not. The Bad9er Team has progressively getting faster with every pass since the car has made its debut. Billy Stocklin and Frankie “The Mad Man” Taylor have that bitch dialed in like no other.IMG_1829

This was not the only record that was broke or set at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion II. IMG_1832-2The leaf spring record was set by a Mopar owned by Jason Digby and piloted by Lyle Barnett. The 69 Dodge Dart ran an impressive 4.56 e.t. @ 155.90 mph with the candles lit the whole way through and I might add its sinister look to go with. This makes this the fastest Mopar on a 275 Radial Tire along with the leaf spring record.IMG_1295-2

What can we say about David Pearson but WOW, this guy has been on a mission for the past year and does nothing but crush the world record with the fastest pass on a set of 275’s radial tires. He ran a 4.12 e.t at 173.81 mph in the first qualifying session of the race.

The next record was set in the newly formed MX235 class formed by non other than Jordan Grunwald and what a hit this class was at the OSCR II. IMG_1792-2Shawn Pevlor and his 93 Mustang brought down the old record of 4.931 set by Ray Parsons with a 4.928 @ 143.51 mph.

Now on to the Street Outlaw crew of Justin “Big Chief” Shearer and Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington.IMG_1038-3These two guys took off the big tires and mounted up some 275’s and decided not only to just make an appearance but they entered the race as well. Big Chief was having problems with the “Crow” throughout the weekend but was able to qualify at the last session with a solid 4.901 e.t. @ 163.39 mph. IMG_0746

Shawn Ellington with the “Murder Nova” had figured the small tire game figured early on in the session and was consistent throughout qualifying.IMG_0750 He qualified 11th in Outlaw 275 with a e.t. 4.516 @ 178.00 mph. These two guys are the real deal and definitely showed it this weekend.IMG_0760          But there was one other guy hiding in the shadows piloting a freshened up car brought out and debuted at this race that being Daddy Dave Comstock. Dave was driving for Brandon Russell in his 1978 Chevrolet Malibu. IMG_0618He laid down a decent e.t. of 4.70 @ 158.56 mph, not too shabby for never being in the seat of one of the slickest cars at the event.

There were also some racers that can not go unmentioned that showed up to the OSCR II. IMG_0727Stuart Henry traveled all the way from Australia with his 1971 Capri entering the Outlaw 275 class and qualifying with 4.750 @ 154.42 mph. He plans on sticking out the 2015 season in the US racing several more events before heading back. IMG_0130-2Also one other car that needs some recognition and that is Shane McClelland’s “Crusty Nova”, man this guy is the most die-hard racer I know of. He not only loaded up his busted up U Haul trailer with parts and tools that was hooked up to the car, but he drove to the race from Springfield, Missouri to enter the MX235 class qualifying with 5.33 e.t. @ 137.15.

So if you happened to miss this race either in person or by live feed you must mark it down on the calendar for next year to be in attendance, we will let everyone know as soon as the dates are announced. You won’t be disappointed.


If you would like to see more photos from the event check out Nub Photography or follow this link. http://www.nubsphotography.com/Outlaw-Street-Car-Reunion-II










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