Update on the Dewayne Mills’ Golden Gorilla Camaro

DSC02307-1I am sure everyone by now has seen a picture or a video of Dewayne Mill’s and his attempt to touch the lower limits of space at Lights Out 6, if not we are lucky to have scored a few shots from Gage Boyd, a great young upcoming photographer that was in attendance.DSC02309-1DSC02312-1 (1)

Dewayne fortunately walked away from this incident shaken but unhurt. The car was loaded up and transported to Larry Jeffers Race Cars shop in Missouri, where it immediately went onto the jig table for surgery. 5591

Larry Jeffers tells Drag Radial Media the car definitely took a hard hit and was going to be a tough fix, but they had seen worse and the car was repairable. He says the most challenging part to getting the car back into shape was finding a usable front end that wasn’t in need of a bunch a bodywork. But as LJRC was able to find the right parts and the car is coming together great. 5585

The entire front section of the car was removed due to the amount of damage sustained by the crash and was replaced with new tubing. The passenger side took a pretty hard hit as well  with the need of the rear quarter and door needing replaced. All of the damaged parts were removed within the first week of the car being on the table. Larry says this wasn’t a big challenge, but the shop has been very busy and some work had to be rearranged to make this all happen.5586 5589

After speaking with Dewayne Mills about all this, he is just overwhelmed with how fast the car is coming together. He says they are not sure if the car will be done in time for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion in Memphis at the end of March but will definitely be ready for the Spring Shootout at Holly Springs. Dewayne says he owes thanks to a lot of people for helping get the car to Larry Jeffers Race Cars. The Mills Racing Team would like to take this opportunity Thank the following people. FIrst off, Pete Campbell for getting the carbon fiber door completed in such a short time, usual wait time for doors is around 6 weeks. Santhuff Shocks for getting the struts completed. George Rumore with Stainless Works, Mickey Thompson Tire, MacFab, Strange Engineering, ProTorque, VP Racing Fuels, and of course all of the sponsors that help out throughout the racing season which include, Mills Truck & Tractor, Proline Racing Engines, Fuel Tech, M&M Transmissions, Billet Atomizer, Precision Turbo, Weisco Pistons. Dewayne says he owes the biggest Thanks to Larry Jeffers for all his hard work and dedication to drag racing to help get the Golden Gorilla back to the track!! Check out Larry Jeffers Race Cars at http://jeffersprocars.com/.  Photos Courtesy of Larry Jeffers Race Cars and Gage Boyd. Check out more of Gage’s work at https://www.facebook.com/GageBPhotography?pnref=lhc.5592 5588




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