Inaugural Radial Tire Racing Association Race Recap from NorthStar Dragway

LOGOPNGMediumNSD LOGO copyWhere to begin with this recap from Northstar, well first off Mother Nature played her cards on Friday with rain for the majority of the day, Gene and his crew did one hell of a job getting the track ready for 1st round of qualifying and they were able to get one round of Limited X275 before mother nature opened up again and with that the decision was made to call it off for Friday night.IMG_0562-2

Saturday was a much better day for racing, temps were slightly cooler than expected but that did not stop anything. This was the first race for the newly formed Radial Tire Racing Association. A driver’s meeting was held on Friday by Gene Nicodemus,one of the founding members of the RTRA, and went over with racers attending the event about the outlook of the association.IMG_0861-2

Gene says there is talks with other tracks in the northern states to implement the RTRA. Once the northern tracks come on board the plan is to have a race at the end of the season with the top 8 from the north and the top 8 from the southern racers. This would be to see who actually is the Baddest Racer on Radials. Gene’s says he wants to see a champion crowned in each class that way racers are not just chasing a number they actually have a championship to win. With the radial craze growing everyday they thought the need for the RTRA was needed so the classes don’t die out like others have in the past. So far on there are 6 races scheduled with 3 being held at Northstar Dragway and 3 held at Tulsa. For More information about the RTRA check out their website at

Now for the racing action. What can we say about Jared Johnston. With the help of John Kolivas, Jared set the new X275 not once but twice on Saturday. First running a 4.446 @ 161.17 mph and then resetting it with a 4.445 @ 160.83 mph. Jared’s crew was definitely on a mission. Not only did he set records at Northstar Dragway, he went on to win the Inaugural Radial Tire Racing Association’s first event over Jason Brock. IMG_1786-2

Now onto Pro Drag Radial with the Baddest bunch of Texans I know, The Bad9er Team made some noise this weekend with Jason Michalak coming oh so close to breaking into the 3’s with his 4.002 at 191.65 mph. Jason’s new car has been nothing but a horsepower making monster at the hands of Billy Stocklin and Frankie “The Mad Man” Taylor putting the tune up to her. Jason says he absolutely loves the new car with the blower setup. It was an all Bad9er Final with Kyle Huettel in the other lane in his nitrous power Camaro. Kyle was experiencing some gremlins earlier in the day but it was nothing they could not handle and got the car into the final round. Jason won the race with a 4.011 @ 191.25 mph over Kyle. But what a great showing by the whole team and none of it could have been done without the hard work of the Bad9er Crew.IMG_1270-2Last but certainly not least was the Limited 275 class and what a great turnout for this class. Travis Thomason led the charge all day long at Northstar and was able to bring home the win over Brent Gibbs. Travis was not only the winner of the event but was number one qualifier with a 4.875 @ 142.90 mph.

The was a second chance race going on as well with the winners of X275 was Eric Stubbs and Pro Drag Radial winner Bobby Kruck. IMG_1496-2IMG_0343-2

For more photos from the Inaugural Radial Tire Racing Association event at Northstar Dragway in Denton, Texas go check out







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