The Bad9er Team’s New Car is On It’s Way to Be a Major Player for 2015

LO6 Friday (2213)Well after debuting the newest monster of the Texas-based team at Lights Out 6 all we can say at Drag Radial Media is “WOW”. Jason Michalak was on a rail all weekend long and some even thought the 2008 Corvette was a bracket car at times.LO6 Friday (702)_3)_4)_tonemapped

With Billy Stocklin at the control center applying what he knows about screw blowers and Frankie “The Mad Man” Taylor also putting what he knows into the mix the Bad9er Team made one helluva showing at Lights Out 6. Jason says none of this would be possible without the help of these two guys at the control center along with the help of the rest of the crew for making their first race with the car a great success. 11014795_10204050305794768_1225523819_n

The 2008 Corvette went an impressive 4.11 @ 191.00 mph in the first qualifying session putting Jason in the number 2 spot right out the gate. He continued to improve his qualifying with 4.08 @ 195.62 mph in session 2, moving to number 1 with a 4.034 @ 195.79 mph in session 3 and finishing the qualifying up at number 1 with 4.03 @ 195.79.LO6 Friday (707)

During eliminations Jason had a bye run due to mechanical problems that played havoc on Brandon Dortch moving the Bad9er team onto round 2 where they would face none other than Bubba Livingston in his 1973 Mustang, winning the round with a 4.10 e.t. @ 191.43. Now moving onto round 3 it got a little interesting with it being an all Bad9er race. That’s right Kyle Huettel was in the other lane with his 2002 Camaro.LO6 Friday (708)

Now some may think team orders play apart when two cars from the same team are on the line, I can assure you that is Not the case when it comes down to it with these guys. Jason and Kyle will put on a show at any race no matter who is in the other lane. Jason prevailed in this match up though winning the round with 4.112 @ 187.52. Moving onto round 4 in which would have been one of the loudest match ups at the event, Jason faced Stevie “Fast” Jackson but was unfortunately was unable to make the call due to mechanical issues. But all in all The Bad9er Team was thrilled on how the weekend turned out for them.

After talking with Jason about the weekend, he says he can not wait to get to Memphis for what is being talked about to be one of the fastest races of the year. The Outlaw Street Car Reunion II will be March 26th -29th. Jason also told us that he can not Thank Cody Barklage enough at Starting Line Motorsports and the great work he put into the new car. Cody is no stranger to drag racing with his start in Pro Mod at a very early age. He has now started his own company in which he is putting his knowledge into the race cars and building a quality product for racers. If there is any doubt about what he knows about racing I am sure that can be put to rest after the showing this brand new car had at Lights Out 6.                               Jason Michalak 2Jason Michalak 6Jason Michalak 3









Jason Michalak 4








Check out more of Starting Line Motorsports at their Facebook page:

One other key part to making this car get to the track was Rick Stevens Race Cars out of Santa Fe, Texas. The Bad9er Team was taken back on the turn around with the finishing details the car needed to get race ready and can not be thankful enough to both Starting Line Motorsports and Rick Stevens Race Cars. To obtain more information about Rick Stevens Race Cars give them a call and see how they can help you at (409) 925-2724. With the help from both shops the 2015 year will definitely be on to remember.


Photos courtesy of Chris Sears and Cody Barklage

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