Lights Out 6 Continued Coverage from Final Qualifying Sessions

LO6-2Drag Radial Media has been covering Lights Out 6 at South Georgia Motorsports Park from behind the scenes to incredible track side shots and beyond. These photos are being provided by one of the greats in Drag Radial Racing photography Chris Sears. Chris has been covering small tire drag racing for many years and we at Drag Radial Media are ecstatic to him cover Lights Out 6 for us. Check out more of Chris Sears work at

Saturdays qualifying sessions resulted in many ups and downs,including Jason Michalak’s pass at 4.034 @195.79 staying Number 1 in PTC Radial Vs. The World and down to Dewayne “Big Daddy” MIlls hair raising launch into the air resulting in a non injury crash. Stay tuned for more great photos and coverage as the race continues on Sunday. LO6 Saturday (11)_2)_3)_tonemappedLO6 Saturday (2370)LO6 Saturday (1204)Dewayne “Big Daddy” Mills landing on the wall after his launch into the air on Saturday’s qualifying run.

LO6 Saturday (2050)LO6 Saturday (2397)Brad Edwards making a run and getting a handle on the new setup.

LO6 Saturday (2418)LO6 Saturday (2421)Dwayne Guthridge tagging the wall after the car got out of control. He was not injured in the accident.LO6 Saturday (3414)Kay Blevins doing what she does as one of the Round Girls for Duck X Productions.LO6 Saturday (2447)Stevie “Fast” Jackson in the “Shadow” at the hit.LO6 Saturday (23)_4)_5)_tonemappedLO6 Saturday (3823)Chris Daniel on a wicked pass at 4.10 2 200.11 mph with his new Proline power plant.LO6 Saturday (4021)Bubba Livingston pouring the coals to his 73 Mustang.LO6 Saturday (3290)Keith Smith in his 89 Fox Body completing his burnout in Outlaw Drag Radial.LO6 Saturday (3454)LO6 Saturday (3498)Ron Hamby holding the wheels up past the 60 foot mark.LO6 Saturday (2597)LO6 Saturday (2631)LO6 Saturday (3046)LO6 Saturday (1899)Josh Nesbitt with a nice little wheel stand.






























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