Lights Out 6 Coverage from South Georgia Motorsports Park Qualifying Sessions


Drag Radial Media will be covering Lights Out 6 in Valdosta, South Georgia Motorsports Park from behind the scenes to incredible track side shots and beyond. These photos are being provided by one of the greats in Drag Radial Racing photography, Chris Sears. Chris had been covering small tire drag racing for many years and we at Drag Radial Media are ecstatic to have him covering Lights Out 6 for us. Check out more of Chris Sears’ work out at

This coverage will be updated daily so stayed tuned and check back often. Today’s Qualifying went much smoother than Thursday in which Mother Nature brought warmer temps to help the track come around. A few mishaps did occurred but no one was injured and that is always a plus.LO6 Friday (993)

 Keith Berry making a pass in qualifying session #1LO6 Friday (1015)Jamie Hancock with a little nitrous pop.LO6 Friday (1805)

Jim Tench’s Personal Best 135 mph @5.207LO6 Friday (1112)

Jason “Pooch”Rueckert laying down a 4.31 e.t. @ 175 mph in Barry Lutz’ Chevelle. LO6 Friday (2132)LO6 Friday (2135)

Stevie Fast with the “Shadow” laying down a 4.111 @ 193.05 mph. LO6 Friday (1384)

Gary Bunch not having a good day in his freshly painted Fox Body. He walked away unharmed and that’s all that matters. LO6 Friday (1128)

Rick Thorton in his 65 Vette 4.21 @ 175.25 mph.LO6 Friday (1921)Eric Autry having some nitrous issues. LO6 Friday (1580)Chris Fenn hangin the wheels out past the 60 ft mark. LO6 Friday (1050)Ron Clark standing the “BugZilla” up on the rear tires.





















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