Lights Out 6 Coverage from South Georgia Motorsports Park


Drag Radial Media will be covering Lights Out 6 in Valdosta, Ga. at South Georgia Motorsports Park from behind the scenes to incredible track shots and beyond. These photos are being provided by one of the greats in Drag Radial Racing photography Chris Sears. Chris Sears has been covering small tire drag racing for many years and we at Drag Radial Media are ecstatic to have him cover Lights Out 6 for us. Check out more of Chris Sears work out at

This coverage will be updated daily so stay tuned and check back often. So here is a few shots from today’s test session. Track conditions were not favorable due to unseasonably like winter conditions that has plagued the south this week. Brendan Mills had an unfortunate mishap but exited the car unharmed, the car suffered the most damage.LO6 Friday (870) LO6 Friday (864)LO6 Friday (840)LO6 Friday (741)LO6 Friday (622)LO6 Friday (544)LO6 Friday (419)LO6 Friday (296)LO6 Friday (126)

LO6 Friday (707)

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