X275 Motorsports has secured Sponsorship with Ultimate Convertor Concepts



Drag Radial Media has learned X275 Motorsports has secured another sponsor for the 2015 racing season with Ultimate Converter Concepts. This sponsorship is geared more for the racer than just the race says John Sears.

X275 Motorsports has secured Ultimate Converter Concepts.llc with Lenny Croteau and Dawn Croteau as a sponsor for Ultra Street at Cecil County Saturday Street Car Shootout. Dave O’Donnell and at Maryland International Raceway Jason Miller .

Ultimate Converter Concepts will be adding $100 to each of the winner’s purse for running the UCC company decals AND in addition to that they will be paying another $100 contingency for each winning racer that has a UCC Converter on board!

This will be at each of the Cecil County Street Car Shootouts and all of the MDIR events that have Ultra 275. (Door Wars, World Cup, Fun Ford Fever etc)

In order to get the cash though you MUST post up pictures on Facebook tagging Lenny and UCC plus posting them in the Ultra Section of Yellow Bullet of your winning ride in the winner’s circle with your Ultimate Converter Concepts Decal clearly shown!

John Sears tells Drag Radial Media that Lenny and Dawn have continued to be huge supporters of our heads up community and deserve a BIG THANK YOU for all of their support!

So if you need a converter or the one you have just isn’t getting the job done, contact Lenny and Dawn at Ultimate Converter Concepts LLC. and they’ll get you in the winner’s circle! http://www.ultimateconverter.com.




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