The “GodFather” 63 Nova is returning to Drag Radial

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This 63 Nova that has been dubbed the “Godfather” and is packed full of drag racing history especially in the world of Drag Radial. The car was originally owned by Robert Coady of Category 5 Racecars located in Zephyrhills, FL. The car was built for the for the stock suspension class in the drag radial shootouts in the late 90’s. If it was not for those shootouts back in the late 90’s Drag Radial would not be where it is today. DSC_0059 (1)

The “Godfather” was raced by Robert but was tuned by the now famous Donald “Duck” Long in which anyone that follows drag radial racing is known to put on the biggest races twice a year in Valdosta, Ga, the first one being “Lights Out” in February and the second one being ” No Mercy” in September. With these two teamed up, they won about 15 races and reset the drag radial record 5 different times with the “Godfather”. DSC_0079

The “Godfather” has been passed around a few times to some other racers in the Florida Area and continued to race with the likes of Bobby DeBlasio who won numerous races in the stock suspension class up until late 2008 in the car was sold again to Aaron Gramer. The car has been sitting around collecting dust for the past 5 years until recently it was purchased by Bryan Woodworth out of Stilwell, OK.DSC_0071

Bryan tells Drag Radial Media that he plans on keeping the body in the current condition. He says there are signatures from driver’s in the late 90’s along with numerous catch phrases all over the exterior and you can literally spend 20 minutes just walking around car reading them. Some of the saying include on the trunk “Chuck Norris is afraid of this car”, wrote along the lower passenger side door reads ” this car is faster than your sister was”, and wrote in large letters on the rear “Wheelie Bars are for Sissies”. The one that caught my eye was for us photographers in the room was on the driver’s door “Please No Flash Photography”. Along with the catchy phrases and numerous bumper stickers all over the car someone has placed a fake security camera on the roof and labeled it a “GoPro”.  The “Godfather” has a few dents and dings to say the least by Bryan says he’s not changing any of it.DSC_0066 (1)DSC_0063 (1) (1)

The power plant for the “Godfather” remains a BBC on the bottle. With plans on running the 2015 season in Limited X275 in Texas and MX235 events throughout the Midwest. The Caltrac leafspring suspension and still having the stock suspension up front that Robert Coady built the car should work out for this season but plans are in the works to put the car on a diet after the 2015 season is over. Bryan says Bobby DeBlasio has been a huge help getting this car ready for the track and was the last person to actually run the car on a track. Bryan also owes a lot to his wife Heather and the rest of his family for the support that is needed to make all this happen. He also said he owes a lot to his friend Christopher “Bubba” Duncan for helping get the car ready while his work duties have him away from time to time. With all this in place the “Godfather” will be back on the track making history once again.

I know we at Drag Radial Media can not wait to see this car in person and be able to photograph it in action. So stay tune to the website for updates on the “Godfather’ throughout the 2015 racing season.

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Photos courtesy of Christopher Duncan
















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