Drag Radial Media’s Sponsorship for Outlaw Street Car Reunion II

MIR Slideshow - Street OutlawsDrag Radial Media is proud to announce that we will be one of the sponsors of the live feed that will be provided by http://www.motormaniatv.com. logo_motormaniatvWe will also be bringing coverage to the world of this great event through our website along with photo coverage by http://www.NubsPhotography.com. Not only will this be beneficial for Drag Radial Media and it’s growing audience but it will help the event with some great coverage as well helping it to continue to grow.Nubs Logo

This will and has always been a favorite event of mine to cover with some of the biggest names in the Drag Radial world making the trip to Memphis, Tn. to compete for $5000 to win in Pro Drag Radial alone. This event is just a little different from most because not only will there be a winner of each class but there is also prize money to win in the Battle of States.

The Battle of the States Bonuses:
Pro Drag Radial – $10,000 Split Amongst the Winning State
X275 – $10,000 Split Amongst the Winning State
6.00 Index – $5,000 Split Amongst the Winning State
7.00 Index – $5,000 Split Amongst the Winning State

Event Background - Street Outlaws (TV Background) (2)

This year something extra has been added to the list for some great entertainment. Two of the stars from Discovery Channels hit television show Street Outlaws will be not only making an appearance at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion but will be entering the race. Big Chief  aka Justin Shearer with his 1970 Pontiac GTO otherwise known as “The Crow” along with Shawn Ellington and his 1969 Chevy Nova known as “Murder Nova” will be competing to win. You do not want to miss this race being held at Memphis International Race on March 26th-28th 2015. Check out the Outlaw Street Car Reunion website for more information. http://www.outlawstreetcarreunion.us.MIR Calendar - Top Advertisement










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