PiggyBacking TTFMERS

Drag radial Logo 2So it has been brought to our attention here at Drag Radial Media.com that we have ruffled some feathers about the new site, well it goes to show a few are either threatened or have nothing better to do with their time. We at Drag Radial Media feel there is a need for more outlets to spread  information about races, new products, promoters, racers, and any other information pertaining to drag radial racing.

This site was not designed to piggyback anyone or anybody, only to be another go to place to get information. This site will not just cover the playmaker’s of the sport but it will also talk about  the guy/girl who is out to have fun and race.  With the sport not only becoming so competitive, but the challenges of obtaining sponsorship is becoming competitive as well and the more a sponsor see’s his/her product on a media site the more they get out of sponsoring that car.

Now to the subject at hand,Piggybacking. Piggybacking = mount on or attach to (an existing object or system) or use existing work or an existing product as a basis or support.  So apparently if you are a drag racing facility, a promoter, or just a guy/girl who loves the sport and is wanting to shed more light on what we all love then I guess you would be a Piggybacker. Well folks guess what competition is also a great thing and it makes the other’s stride to do better than what they are doing or to just move out-of-the-way because they are not producing a good product.

I am sure after this article is read by a few it will strike a bigger nerve, but it will be expected. With drag radial becoming more and more popular the demand for knowing what is going on with the sport demands more and more. Websites along with other forms of media will continue to be sprout up. So strap on the big boy pants kids this will be one hell of a ride because this site will not be like the rest, I can promise you that and to the haters keep it coming.

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