Applied Racing Components (ARC) introduces their New Nitrous Bottle Water Bath at PRI.

IMG_0036Applied Racing Components (ARC) debuted their New Nitrous Bottle Water Bath unit at Performance Racing Industry Show held in December at Indianapolis. ARC has always stride to push racers to be safe and with the introduction of this new water bath heating unit definitely shows that.

The new Nitrous Bottle Water Bath was designed using high quality industrial components.  The heater is CEM Electric Industrial Cartridge Heater vs. using a cheap water heater type element commonly used in the water heater’s found in the household. This heater will provide years of use with no worries of element failure.  The unit also incorporates an industrial grade CEM Electric Digital Temperature Controller. With this controller not only is the temperature adjusted but also can control the Bandwidth, High Variations, Low Variations and Off-sets. Now I know what you all are thinking, what does all this mean? ARC states with this industrial technology the unit will heat the bottles consistently and equally heat the bottles for the best temperature needed. The Nitrous Bottle Water Bath comes shipped from ARC with the temperature pre-set at 97 degrees F’ which equals 1050 psi. With this temperature all the contents of the bottle are gas and no remaining liquid is in the bottle.

IMG_0031  The overall size of the unit is 19.5 inches height with a tank depth of 16 inches. Length is measure at 10 inches with a width of 24 inches.The bath will pre-heat the three most common sizes of nitrous bottles on the market and used by racers. 10, 15 and 20 pound.


The unit is supplied with interior stands to be used when heating 10 pound bottle and can be easily removed for 15 pound bottles. The top is easily removable for the larger 20 pound bottles if needed. The unit has a built-in drain plug and can be drained with ease.  Flanges have been integrated into the unit so that it can be mounted to the floor of the trailer as well. ARC states if the unit is properly padded that bottles can be stored in the unit during travel.

If you are interested or would like more information about ARC’s New Nitrous Bottle Water Bath you can contact them at 1-877- ARC- HEAT (1-877-272-4328) or check them out on the web at

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